March Program

Speaker: Dr. Susan Shaw

Voices from the Age of Suffragism (Doing More
Than Any Man Has Ever Done)

Dr. Susan Shaw is an award-winning teacher, manager, administrator, marketer, and developer of programs and projects for business, academia, the church, and the community.  She holds a Ph.D. in Religion and Theology from Drew University in Madison, NJ.  Dr. Shaw has written The Teshuvah Principle: Learning to Turn from Darkness to Light about the Transformative Power of God’s Love.  In anticipation of the 2020  Nineteenth Amendment Centennial event she is currently editing for publication her dissertation, Doing More than Any Man has Ever Done: A Religious History of Julia Evelina Smith and Her Bible Translation, Translated Literally from the Original Tongues. It was Smith’s contribution to Suffragism, and the fact that too few know about her, and so many others like her, who fought for the rights that are now taken for granted, that has prompted this undertaking.

In honor of the 2020 Centennial of the Ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution granting women the right to vote, Dr. Shaw’s presentation will chronicle the incredible lives of Julia Evelina and Abby Hadassah Smith, two self-taught women who became a “cause celebre,” when they refused to pay taxes under the unjust system of taxation without representation.  As they rejected tyranny and embraced the freedom that allows for “one woman-one vote,” Their plight became known as the “Bovine Battle” (acknowledging the seizure of their seven Alderney Cows). It became a suffragist legend.

In the mid-1800’s Julia (in her mid-fifties) was also known for translating the Bible five times from the original languages of Hebrew and Greek to discover the truth about the doomsdays prophecies that characterized her day.

Dr. Shaw maintains a website at

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020
Time: 9 am
Location: Oakmont Country Club, 3100 Country Club Dr, Glendale, CA 91208
Call : (818) 951-6104 for reservations. Open to public
Cost $28 includes brunch
Complementary Valet Parking

Mindfulness, Mind Matters, and All Day Hypnosis: Helping All
Ages to Change their Minds

Our speaker for February 8, 2020 is Dr. Debbie Covino. Dr. Covino is the First Lady
of Cal State LA, and the co-founder (with President Bill Covino) of the Cal State LA Mind
Matters initiative, which focuses on the inner well-being of the campus community. Since
the program’s inception in 2014, the Mind Matters team has been instrumental in
providing more immediate access to psychological counseling on campus; certifying
nearly 800 staff, students, and faculty in Mental Health First Aid; presenting a speakers
series that offers engaging expert presentations on topics that range from suicide
prevention to maintaining vitality and a positive attitude in the face of challenge; and
developing a series of videos and podcasts for handling stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and
allied conditions. Dr. Covino will talk about the Mind Matters Initiative, as well as the
importance of well-being across the generations.

Dr. Covino is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Integrative Life Coach, Blogger/
Author, and Speaker on the importance of self-care, inner well-being, and mindfulness in
the workplace. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and a PhD in Language
and Literature.

She is also an NLP Practitioner, Integrative Coach, Speaker, and Author/Blogger.
Debbie is Recipient of the 2018 “Mental Health Hero” Award, Chicago School of
Professional Psychology

Bringing the Power of Hope Through the Tournament of Roses
Our speaker for January 11, 2020 is Laura V. Farber, Tournament of Roses (TOR)

President providing leadership for the 131st Rose Parade and the 106th Rose Bowl Game
held on January 1, 2020. Laura is the first Latina and third woman to serve as President of
the TOR.

Laura has been a volunteer member of the TOR since 1993. She was appointed a
Tournament Chairperson in 2004 and Director in 2010. Laura has served on and chaired
various committees and was elected to the Executive Committee in 2012.

Professionally, Laura is a partner at the Pasadena law firm of Hahn & Hahn where she
practices law litigation. She is member and chair of several other organizations.
Prior to her many years at TOR, her civic activities include being a member of the
board of directors of the non-profit Clazzical Notes, a four-year member of the board of
directors for the YWCA and member of the several other boards.

Laura has been named one of the top 50 women lawyers in Los Angeles and
featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal. In 2003, she received the American Bar
Association’s Commission on Ethnic and Racial Diversity in the Profession – Spirit of
Excellence Award and in 2004 she received the YMCA San Gabriel Valley Women of
Excellence in Law Award.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura’s native language is Spanish. She earned her
bachelor’s degree, with honors from UCLA and her juris doctor in 1990 from Georgetown
University. She is admitted to the bars of California, the District of Columbia, Ninth and
D.C. Circuits and the U.S. Supreme Court

November Program
Medicine and Plants of Antiquity – How People in Classic Cultures Healed
Themselves with Plant Products

Our speaker Alain Touwaide has researched the history of botany and medicinal plants in the
Mediterranean World from antiquity to the Renaissance for over 40 years. He earned a Ph.D.
degree in Classics at the University of Louvain (Belgium, 1981) and has done research in
prestigious research centers and institutions across the world, including 15 years at the
Botany Department of the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian
Institution. He is now affiliated with the Division of Humanities of the University of
California Los Angeles (UCLA). In 2007, Touwaide co-founded the Institute for the
Preservation of Medical Traditions and has created and assembled a unique library collection
on the topics covered by his research that is now housed at the Brody Botanical Center of
The Huntington. The author of multiple publications, he has lectured worldwide on a great
many topics related to the history of botany, gardens, botanical books, and medicinal plants

October Program
Women in STEM Careers – Challenges and Successes – Past and Present

Our speaker Laura Guillory will discuss the challenges many women face in pursuing STEM careers. She will share with you the challenges she faced and how she found mentoring and support from her teachers and managers at a time when women were discouraged from pursuing technical careers. Laura’s presentation will include a brief historical perspective of often overlooked women scientists and inventors who have contributed much to our society.

Laura Smith Guillory was born and raised in Washington, DC. She started elementary school before the desegregation of schools in Washington, DC. She attended Howard University where she obtained her BS degree in Physics in 1966. Laura’s pursuit of an advanced degree was interrupted when she and her husband, Prof. William Guillory, moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then to Salt Lake City, Utah. Laura obtained her Master’s degree in Physics in 1978 from the University of Utah. Her research involved the electrical stimulation of bone in slow healing fractures. That research laid the ground work for today’s standard medical protocols in fracture treatments. After obtaining her degree, she worked as a network systems engineer for AT&T. Laura held various technical and managerial positions at AT&T in Salt Lake City, Denver, and Los Angeles.

In 1989, Laura began working at the California State University headquarters as a network manager. Her next job was a computer systems manager. Please join us to see how Laura and other scientists managed careers with twists and turns. The October program will also include short reports from the Tech Trek campers the Glendale branch sponsored at Whittier College this summer.

September Program

From Rockets to GPS: The Career of a Scientist at JPL

Celebrating the 50 years anniversary of the “One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for  mankind”, the great achievement of the first human visit to the moon, our first meeting of the 2019-2020 year (September 14, 2019) will be devoted to the space investigations and career of a scientist involved in this effort. Our speaker is well known to most of us: he is Dr. Nabil Elgabalawi, husband of Mary Elgabalawi, our esteemed member.

Nabil Elgabalawi was born in Egypt in a modest household, the eldest of six siblings, whose father died when he was eighteen and his mother ten years later.  Nabil excelled in school and Cairo University accepted him in its aerospace department.

After graduating from Cairo University, he got an appointment in Germany as a flight-test engineer with the German fighter aircraft company, Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke.  Nabil then moved to the USA, completed his Ph.D. in Colorado State University, and was offered a job at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena.    In addition to his remarkable career at JPL, Dr. Elgabalawi has had a distinguished career at the Aerospace Corporation.

In America, he worked on the design and launch of significant space programs including: launch vehicles currently in use by NASA, the USAF, and commercial satellites; the Space Station; planetary spacecraft including Cassini, Galileo, Voyager, Magellan, Mars Rover; and GPS (Global Positioning System).

In his exciting and timely talk, Dr. Elgabalawi will describe what inspired him to become an aeronautical engineer, what encouraged him to come to this country, and what exciting projects he pursued. Please join us in September to listen to our distinguished speaker.

June Program
Discussing Real Estate with Sylvia Becdach from Keller Williams

Sylvia Becdach was born and raised in Burbank, California and has lived in South America and speaks fluent Spanish. Since 2004, she has been a realtor at Keller Williams Glendale specializing in the Glendale area, as well as Burbank, Studio City, Valley Village, Pasadena, Altadena and the greater Los Angeles areas.

Along with a close-knit team of seasoned professionals in title, escrow, finance and related disciplines, her team is there every step of the way. Sylvia knows that referrals are the driving force behind her business. Sylvia puts her energy, heart and soul into making each transaction a great experience for everyone involved.

Sylvia has 3 boys and 3 grandchildren and is a member of the Salvation Army Board of Directors, fundraising initiatives for L’aureole, and P. E.O. Sisterhood. She has a Bachelor’s Degree, Business Administration, Universidad Catolica in Quito, Ecuador.

May Program
Rise and Grind…Success…How Bad Do You Want It?

Dr. Robert Hill has over 20+ years of experience in Higher Education as an administrator, faculty member and coach. Currently, he is serving as the Dean of Student Services at Glendale Community College. He has taught Political Science at Long Beach City College, Undergraduate and Graduate Level in-person and online courses in higher education at the University of Southern California, California State University Los Angeles, Argosy University, Ottawa University and University of Phoenix. He also teaches a counseling course for Veterans at California State University of Los Angeles. He is also a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force.

Dr. Hill has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of La Verne. He graduated from the University of Southern California with his Doctorate of Education Administration in 2008. His Research interests includes but are not limited to equity in education for students of color specifically African American males in higher education and seeks to continue those efforts through practical and theoretical efforts.

April Program
L.J. & Guy Rose Lecture

Diana Loomis was born in Toronto, Canada. She has a BA in European Government and History, a BS in Speech Pathology and Audiology, and an MS in Deaf Education from John Tracy Clinic, USC. She played Maria von Trapp in “Sound of Music” and Marian in “The Music Man” for Glendale Centre Theatre many years ago. She’s painted, sculpted and created print work but also loves researching and writing about local and art history.

This lecture details the lives of Leonard John (L.J.) Rose (1827-1899) and his son Guy Rose (1867-1925) both left lasting legacies in the San Gabriel Valley, Diana Loomis will share her recent research on the fascinating story of L.J. Rose and his artist son Guy. Guy Rose was one of 11 out of 13 surviving Rose children. He was a talented California Impressionist and 12 year neighbor of Claude Monet in Giverny, France. His paintings can sell now for over $1 million

March Program

The Morning After: Finding Purpose in a Non-Profit Environment
by Susan Negrete

Susan Negrete is a resident of Palos Verdes Estates, CA and was elected Co-Chair of the AAUW Los Angeles Interbranch Council (LACIC) for the 2018 – 2019 term, having served as Chair from 2016-2018.  She joined LACIC’s Steering Committee in 2014, after regular participation in LACIC meetings since 2009.

Susan previously served as an AAUW CA Board of Directors for the 2014-2016 term, both as Co-Chair of the Leadership Committee and also as a member of the Governance Committee. She is a current member of the state’s Project Oversight Committee (which covers  the esteemed Tech Trek and Speech Trek programs), and will serve as AAUW-CA Nominations & Elections Chair for 2018 – 2019.

Susan Negrete & Kim Churches, AAUW-CEO

Joint Branch Meeting

Date: Saturday, February 16, 2019
Check-In: 11:30 a.m.
Location: Women’s City Club of Pasadena
Cost: $25 per person, cash or check (pay at door)

Meal Choices: Chicken Piccata, Skinny Chicken (Grilled Breast of Chicken with Vegetables) or fruit plate Parking: Free parking in back of the City Club off Madison

Please email or call Suzanne Burger to make your reservation by February 8, 2019
Home: (626) 808-7556 | Cell: (626) 799-5545

Please be sure to join us at the General meeting on February 16. We are pleased to have the Glendale Branch join us for this meeting.

Following our luncheon we are delighted to have as our speaker a new Pasadena Branch member, Nan Johnson. Nan retired from the University of Rochester where she taught courses in Women and the Law and Women in Politics. She founded the Susan B. Anthony Center at the University of Rochester and served as an elected member of the Monroe County Legislature for 20 years including a year as Majority Leader. In January 2019 Nan was an invited keynote speaker at the National Women’s History Alliance conference in San Diego where she was an inspiration to all who attended.

The New Aging with Dr. Torres-Gil

A dear friend, former professor, and mentor of AAUW- member Camille Veneracion. Fernando M. Torres-Gil’s multifaceted career spans the academic, professional, and policy arenas. He is a Professor of Social Welfare and Public Policy at UCLA, an Adjunct Professor of Gerontology at USC, and Director of the UCLA Center for Policy Research on Aging. He earned his first presidential appointment in 1978 when President Jimmy Carter appointed him to the Federal Council on Aging and appointed (with Senate Confirmation) by President Bill Clinton as the first-ever U.S. Assistant Secretary on Aging in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). As the Clinton Administration’s chief advocate on aging, Torres-Gil played a key role in promoting the importance of the issues of aging, long-term care and disability, community services for the elderly, and baby boomer preparation for retirement.

Advancing Girl Power Through Horsepower with Dr. Jane Haven

Taking the Reins is a nonprofit for girls which hosts programs that teach life skills to middle- and high-school girls primarily through horse care and riding. Girls living in high-density, low-income areas face unique concerns that Taking the Reins directly addresses. Jane grew up with horses in Colorado and, because of horses, came to California to attend college at Cal Poly Pomona. Her greatest passions in life are children and horses. As a mom raising her children, a psychologist working in adoption and education, and a horsewoman leading youth programming for the Region Two Arabian Horse Association, finding a way for kids to experience the wonder of horses has been a personal goal.

Mars Exploration- From Curiosity to M2020

Ms. Agrawal is a member of technical staff in the Artificial Intelligence Group (Planning and Execution Section), of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. Ms. Agrawal graduated from the California Institute of Technology in 2017 with a BS in Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. As an undergraduate, she was both a Teaching Assistant in Machine Learning and a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF) working on Machine Learning. In prior summer internships she worked at OpenX and Boeing. Currently Ms. Agrawal works on projects involving the Mars 2020 onboard scheduler. She will discuss how she became interested in computer science, some of the challenges she faced in pursuing her academic and professional careers.